What is Westdrive?

Westdrive is a publicly available VR toolbox, which means that all content of the project is freely available. You can use our scripts and models to set up and run your own experiments in VR. Our content is also available for teaching purposes. available. And don't be shy: We are happy to answer inquiries if you are interested!

The origin

As you probably already read under News, the whole project was started by Max and Farbod. First in the context of a master thesis but directly afterwards still as a leading topic in their PhD. As the scope grew, so did the team. Mostly by research assistants but also the one or other bachelor or master thesis writer has lent his manpower to this project.


Quasi the mother of all Westdrive projects and model for all following projects. In MotorCity on about 13Hektar a modern city was stamped from the virtual ground. In her psychological experiments can and should be carried out. For this the developers provide a tool box, with which one can test even events and characteristics. The whole thing was presented with a study on the subject of acceptance and trust in self-driving cars on the MS Science and later in the lobby of the BMBF. This involved recording the lines of sight to gain an understanding of which stressors are important to passengers. Over 20,000 records were ultimately recorded!


In LoopAR, the idea of MotorCity was taken again and scaled up quite a bit. Instead of driving through just one city, this time the path of the mostly self-driving car travels through mountains, meadows, villages and the highway. The biggest difference to the predecessor is that the driver can and must intervene in dangerous situations. Again, head and eye movement, as well as the use of steering wheel and keyboards are saved.

Daughter projects


Ethical-Evalution-of-Driving-Actions, or EEDA for short, was the first offshoot of Westbridge. Here, the insertion of new "events," in which there were always two different stressors, created a whole new experiment with a new focus. Another special feature was the implementation of a fully manual condition. You can currently try out and examine the experiment for yourself at the Deutsches Museum in Bonn!

Was auch immer Vincent damit macht oder Tracy

Von Vincent und Tracy habe ich leider immer noch nichts gehört, aber meines Wissens nach benutzen sie auch die Westbrück Tool-Box